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Unable to locate package hive-miners-asicminer

Hi all, new to Hive so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I found another post with this question but it’s been closed and I can’t see the thread to see if there’s a fix. When I push the flight sheet, I keep getting this error “Error installing hive-miners-asicminer” on the rig status in the portal. When I expand it, it says “unable to locate package hive-miners-asicminer”. I have flashed 2 different USB’s and 2 SSD’s multiple times, using the native hive exe and manually to the SSD’s via the .zip > Etcher method. I’ve also tried upgrading to the latest version (through the web portal push) after the rig shows up in the portal. I’ve even tried combinations of 3 different GPU’s that I have on hand “just in case” (none, 1, all), even though this doesn’t look like it’s related to the error. Can anyone tell me how to fix this issue??

Do you have asic miner selected as the miner in the dropdown? If so, select any other miner for the coin you wish to mine. Asic miner is just what you would use when setting up a flight sheet for an asic. Feel free to send screenshots if you have trouble and i can walk you through it.

I think I follow. You’re saying to change the “miner” value on the flight sheet? Following the guide, it auto-selected asic when creating the flight sheet and there was no mention of changing this value so I didn’t (thank you for clarifying this). Ok, so next step, how do I choose which miner? I looked through some of them and each has a list of settings that I’m not familiar with so I have no clue what to put in those fields. Is there a guide or recommendation list somewhere? My goal right now is just setting up 1 or 2 rigs. One BTC, one ETH, or split 1 rig for both. If it matters, GPUs are Geforce RTX 3080 and two 570s from an old gaming rig. Right now, I’m just trying to get a better understanding of how Hive works. I’ll probably change coins (and add more/better GPUs) later, but that’s the goal for right now with this test rig. Also using my own hardwallet and not currently part of any pools.

Miner choice depends on the coin you want to mine, BTC is not worth mining with gpus for many years now, you need an ASIC for BTC to be competitive. ETH has not been mineable for almost 2 years as well.

Check out or and get a feel for what makes sense to mine on your hardware