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Unable to install HiveOS

I need to install HIVE OS on an SSD. Immediately I tried to install simply through Etcher, but when booting into the BIOS, the miner connects to the laptop, and nothing works when connected to the farm. I tried another method, through the regular Hive OS installer, but the installer does not see the SSD. Then I tried the harder way, through GitHub, but it still didn’t work. How to solve this problem?

Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say this?

After i installed the hive on the ssd, i reboot the laptop and go to the ssd in the bios to enter the rig data, after which the hive connects to the laptop, when i connect the ssd to the farm, nothing happens

but I have a farm for 7 1070 video cards that do not start after connecting the ssd

I’m still not following. Make sure you place the rig.conf you download from the workers settings menu on the root of the drive, set wifi credentials in the wifi.txt file in the network folder on the root of the drive and then boot from that drive.

I do everything with the help of an Internet wire.
I connected the ssd to the farm, the video cards start up, then stop working, but nothing changes on the hive web page, the laptop settings remain there, and the farm video cards are not displayed and the farm does not work

What are you trying to mine with the 3050 laptop gpu? Can you show the settings?

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