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Unable to Dual mine Eth+ton on vega 56/64

I was able to get running on TeamRedMiner as well with 3 changes from my normal ETH settings:

  • lowered Core Clock by 25 on my Vega56 (GPU0)
  • lowered Core Clock by 50 on my Vega64s (GPU1-4)
  • add --dual_intensity=0.5 to ‘Extra confing areguments’

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I started mining with my Vega 56/64 rigs yesterday. Lost 2-5 mh/s per rig (8x gpus each) and am getting around 1.1 gh/s per gpu. I didn’t change any of the OC settings, and power consumption has increased significantly.

Power consumption increase is normal, that is the cost of mining the TON. I lost ~1 mh/s across 5 GPUS.

I can not manage to start it to mine .What am I doing wrong?
Screenshot 2022-02-22 at 19-54-23 koparka1 undefined undefinedundefined - marszpot farm (marszpot)

Try --ton_start not just --ton

Something else I found out is you can use the device command to select what GPUs you want to mine eth and then after the ton start command you can do another device command for the ones you want to mine ton. You can also adjust intensity on each card differently. I did all of this to help my total power draw and because I have one card that doesn’t like to mine both without changing the oc pretty big.

I don’t know how you can get your voltage so low on these cards but that’s fantastic!

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Here’s where mine stabilized at been running 2 days now no issues.
64 flashed with 56 bios, water cooled

I’m getting almost identical numbers on all of my Samsung memory Vegas including the one 64 I have. The hynix I get 53.49 mhs on eth and 1.116 ghy on ton. They all draw about 165 watts. I’m running two at .5 and the other two at .75 for the intensity

with what amdmemtweak?

–CL 21–RC 37–RP 11–WR 14–CWL 8–FAW 12–RAS 20–REF 65535–RFC 248–RTP 5–RRDL 6–RRDS 3–WTRL 9–WTRS 4–RCDRD 12–RCDWR 12

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Hello there,
I can’t dual mine with your vega cards, can you show me how to make a Flight Sheet?

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