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Unable to detect more than 1 GPU

I have problems detecting more than 1 GPU on my b250(OEM) 12p motherboard on HiveOS.

I have 5 GPUs connected but can only find one of them in HiveOS. The lights on my risers are on so they have power and are looking good. I have 1x RTX 3060ti,1x3060,1x 3070,1x 2070 and 1x GTX 1660.

I saw in another post that a guy solved his similar issue by changing BIOS PCI-E settings from “auto” to Gen2 (Gen3 or primary).

However, I do not have that option in my BIOS. I can’t find any PCI-E settings.

Update; it didnt work changing from auto to GEN2

Any good advice?

try Gen1, and it will start normally (Pcie x1!!)

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