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Two TeamRedMiner instances on the same rig?

Hi! I have a rig with 12xRX 570/580. When I mine ETC or Ergo with TRM my rigs consumes 1140 W at the wall. (4 cards are 4 GB). My problem is that I want to mine ETH+ETC (with 4 GB cards)

I have setup my flightsheet with TRM+SRBMiner and TRM+PhoenixMiner. It works just fine, but the power consumtion is 1450 W.

How can I run two instances of TRM instead? I have tried to make a custom miner but I’m failing.

Best Regards

Hive not supported two instances of the same miner out of the box.
There is only one way to add 2 instances of the same miner it’s using miner + custom with that miner.

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