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Two Different Rigs, two different problems

Hello everyone long time lurker, first time poster I’m having some issues with two of my rigs that are just making me pull my hair out.

The first problem really feels like it’s with Hive OS, I am running it from a USB on my new gaming rig and it was running well for about 6 hours before I checked the status of the worker and it was showing off, when I checked the miner was still going, so I restarted the OS and it was back up and running. It went offline again and this time when I checked I got the message

Mining program unexpected exit
Code 11, Reason: Process crashed
Restart miner after 10 seconds.

Now I’ve been mining on this computer for over a month on Windows without running into these issue, but Hive OS has just not wanted to play nice so far.

My main rig has the Biostar B250 BTC + mobo, and I am currently running 5 3060 TIs on it. The cards split with 3 being on an 850 Watt PSU, and 2 being on a 650 watt psu.

My issue is that after sometimes a day or a a couple of hours, the 2 cards on the 650 watt psu will just turn off, I am just wondering if anyone else has run into this issue, I am 90% sure it’s the psu but was wondering if there was anything software side that could cause this.

Were you able to solve this in hives? I’m having the same problem.

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