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Two computers as just one rig

Hi guys, just one question:
I have two different physical computers and two GPUs, one per each computer. I was thinking about buying one PSU (1000 watts) for both GPUs. But instead, I’m just thinking about buying one cheaper PSU and trying to connect both computers and set them up as one rig for the HiveOS mining pool. So HiveOS system will count both computers as a single one.

Is that possible?

I think you can’t do this. A rig is one motherboard with OS(hive or not) booting from hdd/ssd/usb where identifier(ID) of the rig resides on. Then you will have two different rigs. Anyway you can mine to hiveon pool(same one wallet address) from other rigs, like a Windows PC, but is not efficient.

Thanks for your answer. I finally created another rig. Both under HiveOS mining using the same wallet address. Now I’m interested about that efficiency?. Are you talking about waste of light?

Of course, you waste the power draw from 2 computers instead of one.

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