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Turned rig off due to storm, now won't connect

I pinged these on windows and it connects just fine, but under HiveOS it fails.

I can ping these same addresses from hive OS, so I have no idea what this means.

Hi, and welcome on board.

I had a similar issue.

Look at the pool settings on your flight sheet. Are they SSL? If they are, try the non SSL addresses.

Are you on wifi or ethernet?

the issue could be from your router. Some LAN settings could have been reset to tighter settings. You can typically visit those on or and see if you can loose the connection rules in there.

See if you can enable something like uPnP (universal plug and play) on your routeur settings. That would allow the HiveOS to map the port it eventually needs itself.

all settings have stayed the same.

I am using WIFI and everything is detected by hive os, but it just wont connect to hive OS. ONLY THING it wont connect to

Try to flush dns from the hive OS machine command line.

I am reflashing OS and slapping the config file in there to see if that does anything after that I’ll try what you said

I reinstalled hiveOS on the USB and it is fully working now.
Thank you!

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