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Turn on fan every night?

Do you guys know how I can set fans to 100 between 10pm and 9am and limit them to 65% during the day ?
Thanks all !!!

at night hotter than day time :smiley:

Yeah I know but it’s because the day I work near so I don’t want to ear 100% fan speed ^^

i can be at 65% and not overheating , why do you need them at 100% and that is at night when the temps are usually lower…

One or two of my card are at 65°C with the summer so if I can cool them the night it’s better . Any possibility to change cooler parameter ?

i am not sure if you can program them with timings. but varying temps are not good for cards, meaning going to 55 then going to 65 often. what happens when you set the fan to 65% all the time? they go 65 degrees?

To be more explicit I spend my days in my garage and the pc can only be in the garage. So in the evening it doesn’t bother me but in the daytime, 100% fans are hard to bear and I don’t try to hide the noise or anything. All I’m looking for is the controls to make it happen.