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Turn off the Hive screen after a certain period of time

Is there a feature that automatically turns off the Hive screen if there is no input for a certain amount of time while writing the Hive?

Since hiveon os is intended to be used as a remote/headless service there aren’t your normal desktop screensaver type settings, but you can try editing the consoleblank=0 value in /etc/default/grub, this is the amount of seconds until the screen will stop updating (which should trigger your monitor to go into sleep mode eventually, depending on your monitor settings although i havent really tested much) make sure to sudo update-grub after editing and reboot

If it worked you should see the blinking cursor/miner console freeze/stop updating after however many seconds you set of inactivity. Let me know how it works.

For best results id recommend just turning the display off when not in use if you’re concerned about power use/burn in etc

Console blank = 0
I’ve annotated the line and tried sudo update-grub and reboot, but the screen won’t turn off.
I want to turn off the screen when I’m idle for 1 minute.

0 is disabled so it never blanks (default). if you want it to blank at 1 minute you would set that to 60, but like i said it may or may not trigger your display to go into sleep when the screen stops updating. my monitor fw has a bug that doesn’t allow it to sleep so i can’t test myself.

The console input window is turned off, but the monitor seems to be on… I’m going to change the monitor signal to power saving

want to have the screen off? just unplug it and get a HDMI dummy plug, it’ll trick PC into thinking it’s got a display connected, when in reality there’s no display.