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Turn off LHR unlock on RTX 3080 12 GB

Hi everyone,

After much research, i have found that the new RTX 3080 12GB cards do not work well with the LHR unlock feature on the majority of the miners. I have tried all the popular miners.

Can some one please inform me on how to turn off the LHR unlock feature through HiveOS. This is critical to unlocking the hashrate for the 3080 12GB.


that would depend on the miner. check their github/readme for the commands, typically its setting lhr % to 0

Thank you. I have figured it out for lolminer. Which is to simply delete the config in their miner settings.

Could you be more specific please.
I have the same cards mining with T-Rex and the hair straight is not more than 45.
Thanks a lot.

t-rex is optimised for the latest lhr cards, lolminer does best currently.

Can you be more specific with the numbers

With what numbers?

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