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TU116 [GeForce GTX 1660]

I have a rig with 3 cards with GeForce GTX 1660 and hash rate of each card 24.24 MH.
I bought a new card same model. and I ınserted to rig. when i open the rig in card list last card name was showing TU116 [GeForce GTX 1660] like this. and it did not start to mining. do you have any idea why happened like this. ?
My motherboard is MSI Z270 A Pro.

I solved the problem, it was from motherboard bios settings. Now its good

Hola, tengo el mismo problema, como lo resolviste?

Hello, I have the same problem, how did you solve it?

what is your mother board ?

Z390 AORUS ULTRA Gigabyte

For my mother board(MSI Z270 A PRO);

I hope it helps.

thank you, I try and then I’ll tell you

Hi @mrtpitt @mnadal
Can you check this, i have the same problem

Problem is complately mother board settings.
I don know how to set yours. I shared my settings.
I hope it helps

hi, i have the same probleme, 2 1660s are recognized, i cut my rig for install another card, after reboot, 1 1660s are good and the over not.
i have a 8gpu mining box with ondo motherboard.

hi, what configuration are you using to get 24.24mhs on the gtx 1660?

me or another guys ?

is yours Hynix ?

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