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TU116 for 1660 Super after rebooting rig

Hi I finally finish my rig build a few hours ago and It was mining very well with all GPUs but an hour ago it had crash and I “reboot after 30 secs” after that one of my GPUs showing TU116 Imgur: The magic of the Internet
I was mining with all cards before this also I changed some bios setting like disabling HD audio controller and also I changed this card with another card on rig with different risers but still that card showing TU116 ( My RGB LEDs are working and on booting system the GPU fans works but not in Hiveos ) Please HELP!

I have exactly the same problem. I use gigabyte z270x ultra gaming motherboard, I believe it is a bios problem. So far trying to find some BIOS configuration, because inside windows the 6 gpu are identified. I’ve already done several tests, the problem is not in the hardware but in some configuration.

Did you guys find some solution? Here the same issue…

mine was a hardware problem after this again another card showed this but with heating resolved but this card that got problem at first doesn’t solve yet. the main board has bent that need reballing

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