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Trying to get started

So I’m trying my first setup and I can’t get anything to start mining.

rog strix x370 - f gaming
ryzen 7 2700x
rog 5700xt

after clicking around the hiveos dashboard I found the tab that says ‘cards’ and it shows a red x next to the card and an exclamation over the internet icon.

I tried updating the drivers on the gpu, which broke it - pixels and artifacts, then roll back the driver fixed that, but then windows updated and it brought back the pixels and artifacts.

I’m about to restore original w10 install and hope it fixes the artifacts, but even so nothing I do seems to get rid of that red x next to my card on hiveos.

When I actually boot the hiveos from usb just to try it out, I’ve gotten a couple different errors, but I’m assuming I’ll keep getting errors until I fix that red x.

Also looking at other mining options to see if the issue is just with hiveos. creating a ubuntu partition andwill try some stuff that way, and also considering minerstat or some other mining platfomto use from windows, but I’ve heard hiveos is the best option for gpu mining.

Just trying to figure all this out before I get anymore gpus or mining equipment.

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