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Trying to get my rig Working, Please Help

I am new with HiveOS so apologize for these basic problems and questions:

  • I have 8 GTX1650 4GB and 4 GTX 1660 6GB on my Biostar TB 360 BTC PRO 2.0 with i3 8100 and 8GB RAM
  • Successfully installed HiveOS on SSD and create basic rig.conf
  • Turned the rig on, initial setup were done, it detected all GPUs
  • Create wallet by using my NiceHash BTC wallet address, set and saved
  • Setup a flight sheet, set coin to Nicehash Ethash, pool to EU and US, miner to NBMiner. All set and saved, as I can see it sent command to the rig and it started to configure new flight sheet config
  • Here the problem started, NB Miner showed “No GPU Avalaible For Mining”
  • Tried to changed coin, miner to others seems return the same error with other miners as well
  • So how to solve this problem?

Many thanks and really appreciated for any working solution.

Which coin are you mining?

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