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Trying to 'branch out' and curious about and hiveos

Hi guys,

Well, I am new… yea… I said it… heh… and I am looking through a lot of posts trying to see what I am doing right and wrong.

My biggest issue is wallets. Every time I think I have it figured out, I learn something from you smarter folks and start testing it and jack things up and end up having to remake my wallet… heh.

So, I am told Miningpoolhub may not be as good as

I have 2 rigs, 13 nvidia cards each. I was planning to buy two asic machines. I know… I am new… and some love, some hate…

I wanted to test, but one of the things I ran into earlier was… well, my machines don’t dual mine anything worth mining, I am told. I do not know what SIA is, much less think I could mine it. I am told it is a scrypt so needs asic? Don’t know. I am doing well with eth and equihash so sticking to that right now…

I like how MPH has auto switching, but I also know that ETH and equihash are so close… that may not be worth the trouble.

So, that brings me to as a pool

Is it better than MPH, if all I am doing is “a” coin?

ccminer is the wallet to set up?

CCMiner wallet setup discusses the fork… and I have no idea. I am new…used to just us-east.blah blah

Any help with a miner setup would be greatly appreciated. I have 8 cards in one rig atm and would like to point it to to test that and see how it compares.

Thanks either way guys.