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Trouble with memory temp & OC

Hi everyone !

We have a lot of mining rig that use lolminer v1.48 dualmining and have a trouble with one of our rigs composed by 6 x Asus Geforce RTX 3080 TUF 10G (V2 - LHR)

Since we have now the memory temp on the interface we have to decrease the OC settings but we can’t manage to decrease the memory usage and lower the temperature…

We have try to decrease OC values by 100 and try to use the flag --maxdualimpact to favor the mining of second coin but without success…

We mine ETH + ALPH (alephium).

Here’s the actual values :

Thanks for your help.

Would be better to turn the fans up then to run the memory that hot, fans are the cheapest and easiest part of a gpu to replace. Under 90c is optimal for mem temp

thanks @keaton_hiveon i’ve configure the auto fan to max 100%
the temperatures are a little better but not enough (+90°).

i’ve two questions:

  • memory temp reported to hiveos are really ?
  • with dual mining, is it not possible to decrease ETH mining for decrease the mem temp to max 90° ?

i don’t want to replace thermal pad because the GPU’s are new and i’ll preserve the warranty

does anyone else have this problem ?

You can use the maxdualimpact attribute to change the impact of dual mining. Mem temps are as accurate as they can be.

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