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Trouble installing Hive. Need help

I’ve been running into this problem where my install hangs halfway through. It seems like the issue is something to do with the fact that I don’t have a card installed in an x16 slot and I have my HDMI plugged into the mother board. I have 12 cards in risers and I would have to pull the rig apart to install a card there.
I was able to complete one installation and I’m not positive what I did right because I can’t seem to replicate it (I accidentally installed it on the USB so I had to start over.) From what I remember I pulled all the cards but one and then when I got the “You have plugged the monitor into the integrated GPU?..” error I quickly switched the HDMI to the GPU because if I boot with it plugged in I don’t get a video signal. It hangs with the message “Started Hive” and I can’t seem to do anything to get it finish. I’m sure I’m doing something stupid but I’m out of ideas. If anyone can help I’d be grateful I’ve been trying to get this system running for days now.

This doesn’t mean that Hive has hung. Try to login into Dashboard and check if you see your rig there - it should be there if you have configured rig.conf file correctly on your USB / SSD.

Or try to ssh into your rig. From the picture above - it has been assigned IP address