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Trouble: HiveOS shows 300 MH/s, but HiveOn shows 0 MH/s

The subject. I use HiveOs for mining and I was very satisfy till last next days. Sometimes ago, Pool statistics began shows only 0.000, but when I checked it in my admin panel on the.HiveOS I saw 300 MH/s? What the problem? What I have done:

  1. I checked ETH wallet number. It was correct.
  2. I tried to use other pool - Nanopool. It was the same situation - ZERO again!

What can I do the next to solve the problem?

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Hi, was your problem solved? Today i have the same situation Dashboard - 0 Mhs on Hive pool but miners are ok

18.03.2020 была та же ситуация. Некоторое время отсутствовал хешрейт на пуле, хотя фермы работали и хешрейт на панели был нормальный. Ответили быстро и исправили в течении часа. Сегодня support пока молчат:

Пока писал сообщение Хешрейт вернулся)))

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