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TRM - „amdgpu: failed to read / write reg“ error



I have a rig which has mixed AMD cards: Vega 56 / 64 cards and Radeon Vii cards.

Suddenly the TeamRedMiner (TRM) did not start anymore. It hangs w/o any reason.

So I checked the log and got this multiple errors saying
amdgpu: failed to read reg: XXX
amdgpu: failed to write reg XXX wait reg XXX

The interesting thing is: when I connect my Radeon Vii cards only the miner is working w/o error.

I updated HiveOS and TRM to the latest version and changed Risers from working cards but the error remains.

Can anyone help me here please?


Did you ever figure this out? I’m getting the same error on a Vega 64 I got on ebay. The error seems to be specific to these cards. I have a bunch of other 64s that are working without any issues. The card seems to work otherwise.

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