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Triple mining on bz?

bzminer allows for triple mining. However, seems hive doesn’t like that. Any update on a timeline?

I tried this config, but hive breaks down and nothing gets mined

"algo3": "zil"
"wallet3": zil1plz2xz6ezrlnkzpzhnx2y6hjl4kwjftwcrgncf
"pool3": "zmp://"

You can add it as a custom miner and then use the bzminer config generator instead if you’re looking to do 3 coins.

Any update so far? I’m stuck trying the same

I tried it, but probably did it wrong. It got confused with the builtin bz, rather than consider it a custom miner

I used the regular file

Just noticed this on their release page:

Not yet available, 16.04 build pc temporarily down