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Triple mining ETH + ZIL + Ton (Hiveon pool) - Is it possible?

Hi everyone,

I have been mining for over three months (just ETH) and now I have come to the information that you can perform dual or even triple mining at the same time.
Although I tried looking into several forums, I haven’t found any instructions on how to set up my miner to do this using Hiveon pool. Most of the information I found was for ezil. I do not want to change my pool since I have 2 miners and that would trigger paid mining on the platform.

Does anybody know if it is possible to set-up this feature on hiveon pool?
My miners are the following
3x NVIDIA 1660 super - Miner 1
1x AMD 6800 xt + AMD 6700 xt - Miner 2


You can mine Eth at any pool. I think your wondering if it can be set up in HiveOs. And yes you can. But i have a friend who mined all 3, but dual mining Eth ton is better than triple mining with Zil. Everytime it switched to zil, Ton has to recalibrat, so u lose that time and hash rate.

you can do it, but not sure it is worth it. The eth hashrate deviates from the reported hashrate by about 5-10%, so you get more by not doing zil.

If you want, you need a proxy pool, where they connect you to the eth pool of your choice. I was using k1pool proxy, Kroxy, but there are others

Thanks for the answer! Would you mind explaining to me how to do it? I am really new to mining and I would like to give it a try. How do I configure the miner to mine on ETH algorithm, Ton algorithm and Zil algorithm at the same time?

Thanks for the answer. Could you explain me how to do it anyways? I’d like to give it a try and then if it does not work, go to dual mining ETH + TON

I used k1pool, so if you want to use another, you will have to tweak it. I used t-rex with alph, but it is the same. Just change to lolminer (or whatever) and use ton instead of blake3

The wallet is your k1pook id
you need to configure Kroxy in their site, to include your eth wallet and the pool you want to use

The extras
“extra-dag-epoch”: 0
“worker”: “%WORKER_NAME%”

Set the intensity according to your cards

You can follow the video Guide for all your rig: Guide Triple Mining Just select the hiveon pool and put the as pool for the password

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