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TREX: thread terminated, error code 999

I have a Gigabit Nvidia 3060ti that keeps giving my rig problems. Everything worked fine for months but after Hiveon updates and Trex updates now i get error code 999. I have downgraded hiveon, updated all Gpu drivers and tried many different overclock settings. Also changed to lol miner. Still get errors with this Gpu. I don’t know what else to try? Please any help!!!

P.S. I tried to put overclock settings for this gpu blank which works for 2 hours then I get this message:
20220430 23:35:38 TREX: thread terminated, error code 999
20220430 23:35:38 WARN: Miner is going to shutdown…
20220430 23:35:38 Main loop finished. Cleaning up resources…
20220430 23:35:38 ApiServer: stopped listening on

Don’t run anything at default settings.

Update everything to latest versions, then min/max your core/mem from scratch.

Where do I find the min/max settings?

Trial and error

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