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Trex miner: WARN: ApiServer: request took long: Broken pipe

hi guys, i am using trex miner…whenever the miner is started i get this 2 warnings
WARN: ApiServer: request took long, 55108.0ms for /summary
WARN: ApiServer: Broken pipe

Problem i am having is: miner starts hashing only after 5-6 minutes…that is way too long
Is there something wrong that i need to fix?
Fyi i am running mix cards amd+nvidia with trex + teamredminer
Appreciate any advise

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I have been mining since the beginning of February and have had no problems. Starting today I have encountered the same problem you are having. I am using Trex miner with a Nvidia card. I am also mining XMR with my CPU on the same rig, but that miner isn’t having any problems with connections, so it might be a problem with the Hiveon pool. Let me know if you have figured out a solution.

Hey buddy!
I started getting “WARN: ApiServer: request took long…” followed by “WARN: ApiServer: Broken pipe” for the last few days which causing the miner to stop mining.
Did you figure out the issue in your end?
I’m running T-rex on ethermine.


I’m with the same problem that you. Didi you get an answer??

I’ve been search for a solution but with no success.

I’m running T-rex on ethermine, as well.

Hi, i’m getting the exact same problem.

Anyone has any idea what is the cause?


Unfortunately I’m still getting this error until this day! so frustrating.
After request took too long error, followed by bunch of broken pipe errors which causes the miner to stop!

lograste descubrir la causa o como lo solucionaste?

lograste descubrir la causa?

supiste cual era el problema?

Did any of you find a solution to this problem because it is very annoying?

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