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TREX: Can't initialize device cuda exception in [initialize_device, 96], CUDA_ERROR_UNKNOWN WARN: Miner is going to shutdown

we have for a week one of our 3070 this error massage , we updatet rig, get our #10 vga setup everything and after few hours later t-rex drops out the card, first cannot read fan speed, after few try we get theis error again and again, now try running the msi ventus 3070 with “-200” memory clock couse we tried lower from 2400 to 2200 , 2000 ,1000 the t-rex restarts again and again with this error massage

we changed already the riser , and power cables

the card gpu temp was never over 49-50 celsius , hope not melted down the memory modul

Any thought on what’s causing this yet? I’ve started getting the same problems with one of my 3090’s.

something was broken in the vga , was in service 1 month long, something repaired, now working fine

msi cards suck ass. they dont put the thermal pads across the whole ram chip. if you look on the side it will only be covering a corner of the ram chip.

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