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Trex 30% ET,H, 70% CFX


I recently noticed that Trex Miner allow to mine multiple coins. I have a few questions for you;

  • If understand correctly, i can mine 30% ETH (full speed) and 70% CFX (Full speed)
  • How to setup in Hiveos ?
  • Any as tried yet, any issues ?
  • What OC settings you guys use ? (3060 and 3080)

Thx :slight_smile:

I havent tried it yet, but based on the hashrates listed in the file for Trex Miner, it doesnt look to be all that profitable. Overall based on those numbers Im losing about ~5% of my profits if I just stuck with LHR 70% on Ethash, or 100% RVN. Didnt look at ERGO, but I would imagine its similar.

But as I’ve said, i havent done any test. Just using the numbers they have provided for the 3060 LHR.

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