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Transferring ETH from Polygon to Trezor

The possibility of transferring ETH via Mainnet or via Polygon has appeared. The knowledgebase explains how to proceed for the Metamask wallet. But there is no mention of the Trezor and Ledger wallets.
When choosing a transfer via Polygon, the following must be agreed:
“I understand the risks of using crypto exchange account wallets and confirm that my Polygon wallet is personal.”

So, is Trezor and Ledger hardware wallet personal? Can I use them for transfer via Polygon?


you are mixing up things.

Polygon is kind of a different network from ethereum. Tezor and ledger are wallets stored in hardware rather than your computer (as many other wallets), so these are more secured.

Usually to send from a different wallet to a hardware wallet, you need to send the fund over. However, being on different networks, you normally can’t send them straight over. Be careful otherwise you can mess up things, and lose your funds

Thanks for the reply, but I don’t understand.
So how do I transfer the ETH to my wallet Trezor via Polygon? Do I have to transfer them first to Metamask and then to the hardware wallet Trezor?

If you have a trezor, you ca use metamask as an interface. The funds are stored in the trezor wallet, but you can see the wallets through metamask. You need to connect your trezor to metamask. Read this, it explains how the crypto for wallets works

Also this might explain what you wanted. If I understand correctly, you get wETH on polygon, which aren’t the same as regular ETH

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