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Transfer Funds out

I have about $100 in “Your Funds” that I would like to transfer out to a private wallet. Any idea how to do this? Any help is greatly appreciated

Is this from referrals? Or funds you transferred to cover daily fees?

If from referrals you can set the withdraw address in the referrals tab, balances above $25 are to be paid out once per month.

If you’re speaking about your farm balance, that is not withdrawalable, only transferable to other accounts.

It’s not from referrals. I deposited some money a while back because I had a larger farm. I have since sold the farm, but the funds that I deposited are still there under “your funds.” Can you give me a step-by-step process? Do I have to convert the funds into ETH first? I really appreciate it.

As I mentioned above, you cannot withdraw funds deposited, only transfer to another users account.

HiveOS funding is prepaid as described in the terms:

There is a market place to sell/transfer to other account holders: