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Tracking where my ETH gone

I don’t find my mined coins so I’m wondering how I can track their way

I’m an absolut beginner, mined a bit in 22 but stopped after a few weeks after the btc is fallen almost to the ground. Now, I want to restart and I think I have to start vom the very beginning. First of all: Where are my already mined cryptos??

I mined eth and have a t-rex flightsheet and a wallet at Coinbase (wallet ID in flightsheet is correct). On HiveOS, I see no pending-amount, have no fund and my wallet on Coinbase is empty. It seems all my cryptos disappeared and I find no Log or Tracking or similar to reconstruct their way. I mined a bit more then 1 ETH. I realy need help to try to recover the path my eth gone…

Thank you for your help guys.

You can plug your wallet into an eth explorer and see transactions. Hiveon ETH pool has been closed for ~19 months. If you mined 1 ETH you would have 5-10 payments if you used the Hiveon pool.