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Помогите пожалуйста новичку в настройке!

Помогите с настройкой , поставил 2 карту 1 начала больше жрать и вентилятор 74%, куда смотреть?

do you have autofan enabled? as both your cards are at the same temp id imagine you do.

if you want the fan control manually, turn off autofan

Щось треба змінити?

It’s doing exactly what you’re telling it to. Do you want the temp to stay at 60c? If so leave it, if you want the fans to stay higher no matter what the temp turn autofan off

the fact is that initially I had only one video card that gave 30 m/h ETC and had a consumption of 78 w, when I added another one of the same 470, the consumption on the first one somehow increased to 93 and reducing the voltage to 850 on vdd did not help , the bios of the video card is flashed, and for some reason the fans spin exactly on this video card at 67% - this means that it is heating up, do I understand correctly?? I just started mining and I don’t understand a lot and I really want to learn.

На даний момент вже краще , довелося знизити частоту і відповідно трішки упав хеш рейт.

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