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Too much invalid shares rx570

Hello everbody, I have a problem with my card that gets invalid shares too much. You can see i got one here but it goes to 40 in just 4-5 hours instantly. Wonder any idea to solve this?

change your core voltage from 840 to 900 and then check it

if still the problem didnt solve flash original Bios

Original bios can only reach to 21.8

Even with overclock at most it got to 22.5

No what I am saying is Flash original BIOS and then Flash the Mod Bios… But i would prefer to Mod the BIOS again with polaris editor

Thanks ı will try

One click timing patch is enough yes?

Yes try it

Still can not get past 23.8 :(( maybe it is because of elpida memory?

Which miner software are you using

lolminer 1.24a

Then the problem is probably your OVERCLOCK settings try different settings but don’t copy other’s. Start from the minimum and wait for sometime then increase gradually

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you wonder???
you have a 4GB card.
most cards will never go above 1900 Mhz on memory.
don’t fell for people sharing their clocks and hashrates… no one will dare show you those when rig running for 4 days straight.
a stable rig is better then restarting crazy rig.

Found stable settings for both my cards. I just let go 0.5 mh but not worth it i guess

Yes I Will share my rig running for how long and will continue to post if you want to.

My Card is running for almost 3 days straight with 100 % efficiency … That because 3 days ago i updated it and manual reboot the miner… The hash Rate decrease to 24.27 from 25.67 , its because Epoch is increase and as its mention by Lol miner too that with the time it will be keep decreasing with the increase of new Epoch.

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