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Too many Invalid Shares

Hello Miners,
i did a lot of things and i did read a lot of post here that they have same exactly problems with me ,
i have a lot of invalid shares , i did lower OC still the same thing , i did also downgrade still the same thing , i don’t know since when started with me having issues with invalid Shares its become more invalid shares , i got tired of restarting and rebooting whatever is , i just what to know the invalid share from where is coming ? is that power issues or weak network or ??? i change everything to new but still the same thing happen to me

I am having the same issues. Any expert advice would be great. I’m a noob and just build this rig.
4 X RXT 3070s. Hashed at 240 m/h for about 24 hours and dropped to 40-60 m/h total. Invalid shares on every GPU. Changes the OC and downgraded the version. Restarts etc…
I am stumpped.

I think your Memory OC setting are too high. Mine is as attached and been stable for a while. I noticed when the DAG reload (i’m mining on nanopool fyi) the invalid shares jumps. so I restart my rig and things are working fine again.

Especially 3070 need to run dag files, so it means in overclock set all GPU to DELAY OC SETTINGS on 40 sec, after miner will run DAG, the OC will be set up and it should work, worked with me.

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