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Too high temperature rtx3090

Hello, I have a problem with too high temperature on the graphics card. Can anybody help?

Why do you have no clocks set? Don’t run cards at default settings, it’s not good for them or your electric bill.

Your 3090 is thermal throttling likely due to poor quality thermal pads, but proper OC will help a lot there too. You should be closer to 125 mh on the 3090 and 32mh on the 6600xts.
If you don’t know how to find the best clocks for your cards start with the popular presets built into hive in the overclocking window, fine tune from there. Set your voltages as well for the amd cards to reduce power.

Thank you for your response. I set the OC according to the proposed settings - the first from the top. But the change had no effect on lowering the temperature. Can this temperature damage the card?

Better to use a locked core clock, 3090s only need around 1140mhz to run full hashrate, that will keep the power as low as it needs, but your mem temps won’t decrease much unless you give that card better airflow or upgrade the thermal pads to better ones.

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