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TONCOIN Thread - What is it, how to mine, how to OC, how to exchange

Hi. I’m struggling to reigster my Ton Wallet. I’ve created it, with Wallet address but the Ton-Pool Bot says I don’t have it registered yet. Not sure where I am going wrong with this. ? Anyone help please

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Hi, you wanna contact this bot, right?!

Maybe you better ask the official support in case of failures TON Whales Support via Telegram.

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I Switched all my LHR cards on this yesterday. 350mhs on Eth and around getting around 26-28 effective hashrate. I want to try and put my 6800xt’s and 6900xt’s on this as well as it looks to be more profitable than Eth. Any idea of the settings. Never been good with how to overcloack AMD just use this forum to copy settings :slight_smile:

Also need to find a better way to exchange in the US. I can’t use FTX or OKEx and I tried but the receive address is Eth or something so not sure if it’s possible. Waiting for support o get back to me.

I did use telegram Wallet Bot and can convert to BTC but the transaction fee from there to Coinbase is $18.95 it’s saying. Need a better way for USA people.

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I‘ve just found a tweet from the official Open Network. Maybe this is something for you: Telegram: Contact @otcplaces
As I read out, this seems to be a possibility to change different crypto-pairs with TON…

What about :thinking:

This doesn’t show in telegram and if you preview the channel on web it says 50k usdt minimum

Sure :wink: for your problem I mentioned the Hotbit adress, sorry :blush:

Yeah not sure on Hotbit some bad reviews

Oh, I don’t use Hotbit… therefore I didn’t know about bad reviews :man_shrugging:

How would I withdraw in Canada? OKEx isn’t available here.

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Hi, how to transfer my balance from the wallet (at whales pool bot) to OKEX ?

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Are you registered at OKEx? Than just go to the homescreen of the OKEx app and follow these steps:

Enter the adress PLUS the comment :bangbang: Otherwise your TONCOINs are far far away :wink:

Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes, I’m registered at OKEX, but the screenshot you shared is different from the OKEX i am using (I’m using the pc web version), are you using the mobile version of OKEX?

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I’m currently mining to TON whales using Lolminer on my RX6000 rig. Looks good so far. Still learning the best tweaks.

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Yes, sorry :persevere: Right now I’m on a ride, so I have to work with the mobile version… this evening I will post about the desktop version :wink::+1:t2:

Fantastic power levels :+1:t2: Nice :ok_hand:t2:

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What is now profitability for ton ?


Hi, I’ve prepared something… :wink:

Comparison of profitability

An RTX 3060 Ti averages between 2.0 GH / s and 2.2 GH / s. Let’s take our two pools, Whalestonpool and Toncoinpool:

Here we see the current values of profitability per gigahash. At a rate of $ 3.59 per TONCOIN, the corresponding sums per day (before electricity) result.
But be careful: the values change almost every minute!