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Toncoin mining over

Just noticed my pool mining card at 69 W :slight_smile:

However, it wasn’t mining ton. Seems they closed?!?!

There is this message on their site

TON mining is over. Thanks for your support!

I did just got paid all the ton that I had mined a few hours ago

Just saw on their telegraph account

Giver depletion is expected to happen after June 22nd (latest estimate: June 26th June 27th). Here is the plan for pool shutdown:

  1. Once givers are depleted, we will shut down all mining servers, including and all stratum servers. Depending on your mining software and whatever watchdog you are using, you may experience mining software restarts affecting other coins you’re mining, so make sure to switch to ETH-only mode or another coin before that.
  2. All users that are registered with the bot and have a balance above 0.01TON will be automatically paid, and the pool will pay for the transaction fees. Users are free to withdraw manually, but at the usual withdrawal fee. Please make sure that you’re registered with the bot to receive the payment.
  3. The bot will shut down shortly after the last automatic payout, after which no withdrawals will be possible.

Here are some places you can check out after mining ends:

  1. An Alephium mining pool operated by our chat admin @maximus_rem, where you can continue dual mining ETH+ALPH (see tutorial).
  2. A GPU rental service where you offer machines with GPUs for a profit. Recommended for miners with reliable machines and network connectivity. Make a profit even after Ethereum mining ends.
    Please note that these projects are not operated by the same team as TON-Pool, nor are they affiliated with us. Use them at your own risk.

Thanks for your support!

Yep it’s over

what is ton whale doing?

:fire: TON mining doesn’t stop! Welcome to our new TON Infinity mining pool.
Old pool (Rest in peaceđź•Ż)

did you read the link you posted?

I thought I did :slight_smile:

The whale page didn’t said much other that they were mining ton. I went to, and they explained what is going on. You mine eth and get paid in ton

Probably it would be better to get paid in eth and exchange it


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