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Titan X Enlargement Pill Issue

Hello everyone,

I’m new here. Discovered hive os recently, totally fan ! I have an issue with the ETH Enlargement Pill. It works fine on both GTX 1080 Ti but not on Titan X (Pascal) :

I think I should get at lease as much hashrate as 1080 Ti’s. Anyone has an idea ?

Thanks !



Just for interest sake, what miner are you using. I have tried several different miners, but only manage to get to 41 MH on my 1080ti cards. Perhaps it is the distance between miner and mining pool causing this?


Hello FC,

I’m using Ethminer. Did you turn on the enlargement pill in the overclocking settings ?

Yes, I have. I tried different miners etc. But no luck. Thanks for the reply.

Hey sbouba
Which operating system do you use
Windows or linux

hi, can u help me to configure my pill on gtx 1080ti plase

Same problem for me :frowning:

Nvidia Pill is outdated for present days.
Use memory-tweaks built-in tuning in miners. Most popular miners has this option: T-Rex, Gminer, NBMiner

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