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Tips for Rx580 8gb and 5700Xt


I’m new to ETH mining, less than a month. I’ve started on windows but when I discovered HiveOs, imediatly changed my Rig OS

At this moment, Im using Asus Motherboard Z390-P and 6 GPUs as listed bellow.
I have some doubts that I would like to clarify, I am grateful if anyone can help. Even after hours of online research, some questions remain.

About RX 580 8G

So, as you can see I have 4 of them, two with Samsung memories and another two with Hynix. With these OC settings I’m at 30mh/s on each one.
All of them, have original Bios. Is there anyway to improve the Mh/s on these cards? I see some of these cards reaching 32-33 Mh/s on hive. Is there any tips to get to these numbers?

Even with same OC settings the Rx580 Powercolor Red Devil it’s hotter and with higher Watts.

About RX 5700 XT

Both of these GPUs have modded Bios.
The gygabite, it’s an Aorus with micron memory it’s stable at 940 Me clock, but memory it’s hot. It’s usually at 82-84 Cº is this number safe to run it 24/7?

The other 5700xt it’s a red devil with Samsung Memory. I’ve tried the same settings I was already using on my Aorus, but any value above 900 men clock, and it start to give invalid shares. On the other hand the memory on this one it’s much cooler.

Any hints on OC settings to these specific 5700xt?

One last question, as I stated above, my motherboard it’s an Asus Z390-P. Mathis motherboard, have two M.2 slots.
I’ve found online, some adaptors to convert these slots to PCI-E 4x 1x.
Does anyone know if these will work to connect a riser and expand the capacity of this motherboard to 8 GPUs? Will Hive Os recognize gpus connected this way?

Sorry for so many questions, I’m grateful if someone can help.


I have also the same Asus motherboard and I use 2 pcs M2 slots, They work without any issues but Bios setup is important.

I have 1 pc Asus Dual 5700XT with Mikron memory and Memory Temp is high around 78 degrees with auto fan. It’s high for some cards depending on cooling but It should be OK.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Besides 4g encoding and Gen 1 for pci express, is there any other setting that I should adjust?

I suggest you check the following link. Besides You may need to plug in and out M.2 ports one by ıne several times, If They don’t post the output. It worked for me.

Hi, thanks a lot for your suggestion. Iv already watched the video, and applied those settings to my MB.
Now, as soon as I get my hands on another two gpus, I’ll try the M.2 adapters.

Thanks again.

Night! This is my first post in this forum, be gentle!

You have the same MB and GPU I have

Aorus z390 pro Wi-Fi

I’m running into some issues here, can’t make hiveOS run properly.

I already installed the beta version and downgraded the amd drivers to 19.30 and yet the only way I can make it “work” is with maintenance mode enabled without loading the drivers.

I think it might be a BIOS setup that I’m missing (already enabled the 4G setting)

Do you mind sharing your Bios settings ?

Brand new 1T ssd and yet, no success.

Thank you!

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