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Time based mining solutions wanted - Ideas please

Hello Commuity,

im searching for a solution, which allows time based mining.

Im from germany. Thus the price of eletricty is probably triple of the price in the us. Im about 0,3124 € per kwh - so about 0,37 USD.

Im interesset in an option (by hard or software), which allows me to start mining, depending one month, day, hour and of course also to stop it in that way.

e.g. For the month June always start at 09:00 am and stop at 5 pm.
At the best solution i would to like to connect it with the stage of charge of my batterie system (about 30kw), so i use another 20 kw (10 for me / the house) for mining which is more profitable that spending it indirectly to the net.

(its german, but i think the graphic will explain)

Thanks for any advice

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No idea here to do so?
Is it possible to give parameters, on what time to mine on hive os.
Maybe i just let the pc run but stop and start mining 4 a first step?