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Threshold at 100% for Eth but $0 in Balance

Started a new rig using the Hive OS for a couple of days–newbie here and noticed that I don’t have a payout yet. Not sure if I am expecting too soon for a Eth payout or this is the norm. Patiently waiting for the number to change from $0. Helpful advices from the community will be greatly appreciated.

your farm or account balance have nothing to do with your mined/pool balance. check your pool for a pending payout, and once paid youll see the balance in your wallet in the coin of what youre mining, not a usd balance in hive.

Thanks Keaton for the reply!

Will check with the pool. Might be dumb question–I noticed that one of the tag “Pay on pool” doesn’t show the statistic of the pool. Wondering if I am even connect to a pool.



You seem to have a worker/rig and it has (3) GPUs. You are looking at “farm” level. Select your worker for status.

Have you selected a algorithm, a wallet, a pool, and a miner in your flight sheet and initiated that flight sheet on your worker?

Thanks for helping me to troubleshoot! Realized was the flight sheet that needed to be corrected. Now my rig is mining and tracking the pool stats.

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