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There is a hacker here. Beware

I got an email saying that someone has logged into my account so i changed my password but I didnt realize that they had changed my mining flight config files so I was mining to there address on 3 of my rigs for a few days. There address is 0xfcaa9d68b4071f30d10e76fcf3f4ac4935940f29
Looks like they are mining still with other peoples rigs as well so just be cautions.


Maybe it is an inside job.

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I also saw this.

With my flight plan they did something. Looked like I was mining but it went to different wallet.

Added options that redirected the mining… Discovered when miner was missing in the worker’s list in the pool…

Also saw remote logins in the GUI and in HiveOs on the rig…

With me they used the fact that the servers looked down. Suddenly my rig was talking with wrong IP’s in the log. Don’t know how and why… But doubt inside job. Denial of Service was strange earlier.

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