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Then update 511 [email protected] 2019-06-06

I started receiving this 511 error after new update all my cards rx580

!!! Added LA watchdog & GPU hang detection !!!

Do I have a chance to remove the package ? Ty

I received the same message combined with a power spike of just under 80% of the under-clocked stable power values with a drop in hashrate of 16% from overclocked stable value so fairly close to stock.

Removing or adding amtweak values in my case 30 brings the hash rate back to where it was / should be, assuming any adjusment ot OC would have this effect. Rebooting results in a dropped hash rate & the same / similar adjustment is required.

Downgraded to the previous version “selfuprgade 0.6-48” & all is as it should be & with reboots etc.

Cards are Radeon RX 570

Thanks so much for your feedback. I went back to the previous version and now everything is fine

Correction on my intial note of 80% it should have been 65%.

Seems like there is an issue with the OC aspects on this update atleast with these two cards.

Glad all worked out well though.

tomorrow i’ll install one more rig i’ll try rx560. I have bad English soryy