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"The most profitable RVN mining pool" : really?


On this page, we can read " The most profitable RVN mining pool "
Such sentence is also effective for ETH and ETC.

How can this statement be proven ?
If we consider this site, Hive pools are by far not the most profitable.

Am I missing something ?


Hiveon pools are the only pools I’m aware of with 0% fees across the board and cover transaction costs as long as thresholds are met.

Hi Keaton, thanks for replying

This site consider what you said, as it’s mentionned 0% fee, but also indicated 10% MEV for Hive where others are around 1 to 5%

Doesn’t it make Hive pool less profitable than others ?

Transaction costs became again very low on ETH and low on ETC aso

Mev by design isn’t directly comparable pool to pool. Reward varies greatly depending on how they have mev implemented, some pools have even lost money by taking bait contracts.


“very profitable”, especially if you live in the UK like me :confused: :confused: :confused:

Don’t worry
Will be the same in EU soon, stupidity of our politics lead us to this point.