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The miner stopped with no reason

Running 2 miners T-REX and Nbminer

T-Rex miner - RTX2060 x 1 , GTX 1080 x 5
Nbminer - GTX 1060 3GB x 4 ( Running fine)

Sometime will goes offline the T-rex miner , i even change miner to lolminer problem also same.
When im using lolminer will stop frequently , T-rex miner just sometime after 4-5 days miner stop or drop hashrate.

Any solution please help ?

your missing out on a ton of hashrate? why dont you pill those 1080’s? or run mt-4 or mt-6 ?
other than that i cant see the problem

Pill will drain more electricity I think my power supply can’t handle , btw what is mt-4?

i cant get my 1080’s to accept the pill. endless errors. mt is memtweak it replaces the pill the achieve 33~ MH
i see your running everything at really low power, that might be related to the hash stopping. when i ran my equipment at low power like you i had cards stop hashing, drop to 0, or 14 or … etc. ive also seen issues like yours with bad psu’s or too many splitters. try to remove a card and increase power to others.

also are you running above %80 of psu rating? that might cause issues

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I’m using 2 x 80 rated gold power supply 1000w lol !
Hydro G Pro 1000w and Leadex V Pro 1000w

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you have plenty of power to go…
im using evga 850w GQ on each of my rigs and run @80% roughly.

How to calculate 80% PL of each card ?

I am having the same issue with my miner.

what does that even mean?

turn the card to %80 and see what the power draw is…

ok noted…thanks for help

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