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The miner is not working with mixed rig

Hey everybody
i have a problem with my rig
i bought 2 × RX 570 4GB few days ago , when i use it with my 2 × Vega 64 the miner is not working with Vega 64 & working with the RX 570 but no hashrate
im using Teamredminer for Vega 64 & PhoenixMiner for the RX 570
i’ve selected the GPUs from miner settings in the Fly Sheet btw
when i tried to mine on the 2 × RX 570 only ( without plug the Vega 64 ) they worked well , same thing with the Vega 64
idk what is going on really , only happen if i tried to mine with the all the GPUs
any help ?
pic for more explaining :

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