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The Hive OS damage windows 10

HIVE OS was installed on USB Flash disk
After some time of work HIVE OS I needed Windows 10 which was installed on ssd.

After rebooting and changing the boot device to ssd (where was Windows 10) Win10 loaded and started. But i cantt run Claymore miner because he said that some file is damaged (Something from the driver package). i was try to reinstall drivers but i cant because the archiver says that the downloaded archive has just been damaged.

Any archive I tried to download or a self-extracting program ended in failure!
So i cant nothing repair and cant nothing install - Win10 damaged (before I started using the hive everything was fine)

I ask frends did they have such a problem and as it turned out and yes. They answer that some programs on Windows no longer start after working with the Hive OS.

I repeat again that was installed on USB Flash disk and no one gave authority to use another disk.

So question to HIVE OS developers:
how does this happen … why does the disk get damaged after using the HIVE OS?

Maybe a mistake under installation? If you didn’t install Hive to your main SSD, and if you are not giving it permission,how can it be Hive?