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The higher version og HiveOS report unknow memory type for AMD GPU

I have 8 pcs rigs. The first one has 8 pcs AMD RX5700XT 8GB. The others have 12 pcs AMD RX5700XT 8GB. All of them are Sapphire Nitro+

I updated all the rigs to the latest stable hiveos by using hive-replace -l command, then select option 1.
All works well except one.

Please check these two images:

The rig work well if I go back to the lower hiveos version.
The rig doesnt work well and the rig see unknow memory type if i use higher hiveos version.

I couldnt find the problem. What should I do ?
I have to use the latest Hiveos for wildrig-multi.

Which motherboard is this? Are you using any pcie splitters?

it is Biostar TB-250 BTC PRO. It has 12 pcie slots. There is no pcie splitters. All 8 rigs have the same motherboard. The other 7 rigs have no problem. Only this one. I changed SSD, RAM, PSU, Motherboard, add2psu and risers. Nothing helped me.

Same bios versions across the different boards? Same bios settings?

The motherboards have the same bios.
The graphic cards have the same ETH modified bios.
Overclock settings are the same.

I mean motherboard bios, all the versions and settings are identical? Does it worth with 3 cards?

Yes, i have double checked all settings and bios versions are the same in all biostar motherboards.

Are there any differences between the setups? Using usb drives on one and sata on another? Anything like that?

Does it recognize 3 cards correctly? 4? And so on? If so, when does it start only showing 2 cards correctly?

I use SSD on all RX5700XT setup rigs. No any usb drive.
Hiveos only recognize 3 cards, but only two crads are mining.
I tried to mine different algorithm coins. It s the same.
It s is strange because older Hiveos version work without any problem like that.
And the other rigs works well. I double checked what it is different but i couldnt find nothing.