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Thank you HiveOs

Many, many thanks to the entire Hiveos team. You are good people!
Totally beginner in mining with yt…, here are my numbers without too many problems in 3 days.
Thank you.
I’m waiting for the pro’s comments.

thanks for the kind words! if you show your worker overview screen i can let you know if anything could use some different settings

I let you see, I have some questions about the current settings and especially the update of the Bios

switch your 3060s to 1500mhz core instead of +200, locked core clocks are best for modern cards. you should be able to trim the voltages down a little more on the mem and mem controller, and the soc voltage and frequency as well. the goal finding the lowest of each value that is stable therefore using the least amount of power

Same power consumption.

Question : Hive proposes the update of the motherboard bios (?) .
I’m a little confused with the updates, lolminer also offers an update (1.47).
I already crashed the system totally, probably because of a bad choice, a bad click… I become very careful with the updates. Probably too much.

what error do I make to crash the system?

thank you very much

Like I said best to change to a locked core clock instead of the offsets you’re running. Also it looks like you’re mining etc, eth is a decent amount more profitable if you weren’t aware.

That’s not the motherboard bios, that’s just the hive software. You’ll want to keep that updated for the most stability and new features etc.

I’m in beta testing… including the wallet.
I will add 4 1660 S in a few days and will then switch to Eth