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Testing ETC from ETH questions and help needed please!

I’m trying to test out mining etc but need help setting it up so I’ll try to break it apart.

  1. In the miner config Should I setup algo to ETC or ETCHASH? What’s the difference?
  2. Is my overclocks going to be the same at ETH?
  3. My Vega 64 gives GPU detected dead, is it not capable of mining ETC?

Thank you in advance!

Etchash is the algo as of November 2020 or so. It’s pretty much the same as ethash as far as tuning goes. If your gpu is crashing it’s usually because of too much memory or too little voltage.

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any idea if on a vega 64 if I should adjust memory straps like I did for ETH or straight overclocks?

Not sure off the top of my head, should be pretty similar to eth settings. Might have to make them a little more conservative though.

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