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Test rig Nvidia with strange error never seen before

Hi guys, I’m here to find help about something that never happen to me before.
I was building a test rig , but one card (2080 I know ots old but just for test ) doesn t show Power limit or wattage ecc ecc . If i run a miner the card work , but it’s impossible to set any parameter and when I try appear an error Nvidia setting applied with error.
I ve attached the screens

First i would try flashing the latest stable image, then if still showing oddly test the gpu directly in a 16x slot on the motherboard and see if it changes. Can also test on another rig if you have one.

Thankyou for your answer, I flashed a new stable image , I put the gpu on 16x slot, but nothing change. I ll try on another rig. I was thinking that maybe the problem is in the bios Gpu, should I try a flash a Bios in the Gpu? Thank you for your help

You can try, but it’s unlikely it will change anything.