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Terminal/VNC/MOTD how can i get this:

Hello guys im trying to make my vnc session show the screen like when monitor is connected, but without monitor connected.

im pasting here 3 cenarios.

first, when i start the hiveos with monitor plugged and start a VNC session, i can see exactly as the monitor shows (obviously):

when i remove monitor and start the hiveos without it, my vnc sessions starts like this:

and then i need to use “motd watch” to see miners and system logs interactively, like this:

The point is, how can i do to make my default screen with that kind of frame used by MOTD WATCH command, but with all the information that i can see when my monitor is plugged.

1-theres a way to configure MOTD WATCH to show it?
2-Using a Dummy DVI connector will fix it, once it will fake a plugged monitor?
3-Withou Dummy DVI, only using dummy Xorg driver will it work?

on last case (3), i try to edit xorg.conf but cant once it gets overwrited on boot by “H”… how can i try to fix the monitor driver to dummy and fake it by software?

this a no emergency doubt, just trying to tune my hiveos for the better fit for my case.

Did you ever figure this out? I’d like to do the same for my rigs.

Yeah, sorry to not come over here but on “motd watch” screen you can press “t” to enable/disable the system sumary

and if you press “g” you enable/disable full graphic sumary.

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you can also press “f” to get full screen

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This is awesome! Thank you very much for letting me know, I really appreciate being able to use this screen and knowing those commands.

thank you this was really useful. agent logs (“0”) is showing the password for the worker in the plain text, is there way to encyrpt/hash the password. i don’t the password to be printed in the logs in plain text

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